A hundred years will hardly suffice to achieve my every goal on this Ham Journey

The subtitle of this page sums it up nicely, at least for me. Ham Radio is a passtime offering nearly a zillion options to explore the (technical) world of communications.
Many of us take a fierce start-off in this hobby, and tend to forget there is a life besides Ham Radio. I know, been there.
There is just so much one can do, in that a 24 hour day is insufficient to explore it all.
I'm glad I've found an equilibrity, and now share equal, and valuable time with my family. I still wish a day had 36 hours though :)

This page reflects things of the past and present, pre-ham and ham.

New material has been added to the ON4WW 'Guy, Shack, Antennas' section whenever it became available.
As of August 2022 the webpages are updated through this page .

73 - Mark - ON4WW.

Son and dad
Shack to be
courtesy : http://www.nafi.org/articles.htm
Mountain top DX-peditioning
Field Day 2001
Guy, Shack, Antennas
The 4-square Project
EMI - RFI page
The obscure Past

Work in Progress

This page leads to light-hearted articles on refurbishment of antennas and fault related troubleshooting of some of my transceivers

Hi-Z 8 Circle Project
Repair/Refurbishment Articles
Next Project?
Next Project?
The 8 element RX Project
Our National Radio Society
Repair/Refurbishment page

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