The Repair and Refurbishment page

This page came about after restoring some long-lost, newly discovered, old antennas (summer-winter 2021).
Restauration took place near the end of the 2nd year of the corona pandemic (a bit of time at hand).

The first articles were written in Dutch language for distribution to our local club members.
These pages have a translation button at the top, hence easily converted to any language.
This page is a work in progress, articles will be added from time to time.
(it may take a while before I manage to publish some of the troubleshooting projects on a Kenwood TS-940S and Yaesu FT-1000MP)

The content is not super-technical - rather light-hearted - but here and there, there may be a useful hint to someone.

73 - Mark - on4ww (April 2022).

The Pipe Rack Saga : a narrative on my old pipe rack which gave way during a storm, resulting in the find of some old antennas of which I had forgotten their existence; restored these antennas; this is the first article which prompted some more to follow

Experimental attempt to Increase/Enhance the Bandwidth of a Yagi Driven Element

Repair/Refurbishment of a faulty Cushcraft R7 Vertical

A 12 element 2m/144MHz Yagi - History, Refurbishment, Present and Future with a 'twist'

A 160m reduced-size half sloper antenna and a 60m half sloper antenna as sidekick

Restoration of a Cushcraft A3WS/A103 WARC band Yagi and some history of a Comet CA-2x4WX collinear VHF/UHF vertical and its future