If you just want a printed version of the Operating Practice article, go to the bottom of this page where you will find the .pdf files of all currently available languages. Click on the .pdf file of your choice, sit back and relax, it may take a while before the Acrobat Reader will display the article, this is normal. Print the file, you're done.

This page also offers you the possibility to send a paper copy of the article by mail to another ham. If you want to send it to a friend as a gift, just print and send it.

However, you may have come to this page because you are a bit angry and concerned? Perhaps you are not happy with the operating style of one of your fellow hams? Maybe you are disappointed because you missed a new one due to the bad behaviour of some of the guys in the pileup? Or you are tired of senseless spots displayed on the DX Cluster?

This page may be of help to you. Before you proceed, think about this: don't you ever make an error yourself when you operate on the ham bands? Are you the one without faults who can throw the stone at the culprit? In that case, perhaps you should proceed.

However, beware. I don't want to be blamed for being the one who is pointing a finger at someone who made an occasional error. We all make mistakes. So do I.

When you proceed, PLEASE keep all of this in mind. Also, be VERY kind and careful in your wordings when sending the letter and the article to the person you think who needs to brush up his operating practice behaviour.

Want to go ahead? Okay - how does it work?

You will have to do some work and you will be paying some money out of your own pocket, without any guarantee your hard work and your money will bring any result. I welcome your effort and sincerely hope that the action you are taking, will result in the person you contacted displaying better operating practices next time he or she comes on the bands.

Final request. Please - please be polite when you send the stuff. We don't want to create a controversy, we just want better overall operating practice, right? Mistakes-errors will always be with us. Only proceed when you hear a person making the same error over and over and over again. Thanks.

To proceed:

1. First, print the document 'Operating Practice accompanying letter' (.pdf file)

2. Read and understand (if you don't understand, ask me) and then complete this document (fill in the ham's first name after the word 'Dear...', check the relevant checkboxes, fill in your comments, sign the document as 'anonymous' or with your callsign)

3. Print the Operating Practice article in the language of your choice (depending on language, between 20 to 23 pages) and highlight the relevant parts you indicated on the accompanying letter, with a marker

4. Put the accompanying letter and Operating Practice article in a big envelope and send it (correct amount of stamps please) to the concerned ham

5. To read the .pdf files, you will need Adobe Reader. If you don't have it, please download a free copy here:

6. It may take a while before the .pdf files open in your browser, depending on the speed of your internet connection with my ISP. This is normal, please be patient

That's it, thanks for your initiative. 73 - Mark - ON4WW.

Operating Practice accompanying letter

Operating Practice: Brazilian Portuguese version

Operating Practice: Croatian version

Operating Practice: Czech version

Operating Practice: Danish version

Operating Practice: Dutch version

Operating Practice: English version

Operating Practice: Finnish version

Operating Practice: French version

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