FOØAAA : Clipperton2ØØØ Expedition

End of February 2000 an international group of 12 ham radio operators set sail aboard the sports vessel Shogun from San Diego, California to Clipperton Island in the Pacific Ocean.

Clipperton Island is a French owned atoll situated west of Mexico. It took us six and a halve days to get there, and the same time to return to San Diego.

An astonishing 75,000 radio contacts were made with ham radio operators all over the world, in six and a halve days of operating time. Records were set.

You can find a complete and detailed account of our expedition on the FOØAAA Website

For information on how to get hold of our professionally edited one hour video, visit James Brooks' 9V1YC Website

Click on the photographs to see the full size pictures.

N7CQQ Fisherman's Landing This is John Kennon, N7CQQ, at Fisherman's Landing in San Diego. He made it all happen
Clipperton FO0AAA Team The Clipperton2ØØØ - FOØAAA team
Isla da Rocca Partida On our way to Clipperton we passed Isla da Rocca Partida, truly a beauty of nature
Isla da Rocca Partida sunset Sunset at Isla da Rocca Partida, can it get more beautiful ?
Dolphin near Clipperton A dolphin welcomed us upon arrival (won't tell you how long it took to take this shot!)
Clipperton Island Here it is, after six and a halve days of wave bouncing and diesel engines noise : Clipperton Island !
Captain Bruce Zodiac riding Second captain Bruce ''rides'' our equipment to the Clipperton beach
Antennas on Clipperton Time to put some antennas up
EWE_delta_antenna Here is a tribute to the late K6SE who provided our team with a great RX antenna for topband
9V1YC  with camera James Brooks, 9V1YC, who makes all those great professional Ham Videos
Clipperton Sunrise Clipperton sunrise
Clipperton Crab : Gecarcinus Planatus Some two million of them kept us company. Or was it vice versa ? Meet Gecarcinus Planatus !
Masked Boobies And a couple of tens of thousands masked boobies as well
Booby chick near Clipperton Rock A booby chick in front of the infamous Clipperton Rock. Beauties of nature, the both of them
Brown Booby inside Clipperton Rock A brown booby inside Clipperton Rock
loading the Zodiac Time to go home
ON4WW homebound Sure glad to sail homebound, leaving mystical Clipperton Island behind with mixed feelings. What an adventure !

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