It is with great sadness the topband community learned of Earl K6SE becoming SK on 29 April 2007. In February 2000 Earl and his lovely xyl Barbara took me under their wings when I was en route for the Clipperton 2000 expedition. No need to say I was deeply touched by their warm hospitality, to an almost stranger. RIP, Earl.

Here's the account Earl sent to topband reflector on 19 February 2000, after my stay at his home. What memories.

The following three pictures were taken on 19 February 2000, showing Earl in his shack, Earl near one of his towers, and his 160m-array towers at his Palmdale CA QTH.
The fourth picture is a diagram of the Delta-shaped EWE which Earl modelled especially for the Clipperton 2000 expedition. It provided 2000 QSO's during a couple of nights operating time.

Here's a description of the antenna which Earl sent to the topband reflector on 17 March 2000.