S539D : The Belgian WRTC2000 team

In July 2000 the third World Radiosport Team Championship was held in Bled, Slovenia.

Organizer of this awesome event, was the Slovenia Contest Club under leadership of S50A, Tine Brajnik.

A full account of who, where, and what can be found on the WRTC2000 Website : wrtc2000.bit.si
Thanks guys for an impeccable organization and great memories for life !

Some 55 international Ham Radio contest teams, each comprising of two persons, tested their contest operating skills in a 24 hour radiowave battle.
After the smoke settled down, the Belgian team ON4WW/ON6TT achieved FIRST PLACE in phone operation, which resulted in this magnificent cup.
Overall we ended 19th place, which was within the goal we set.

Already WRTC2002 is underway, to be held in Finland, July 2002 . Detailed information on this event can be found on www.wrtc.info/wrtc2002.org/site/

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WRTC2000 logo The WRTC2000 logo
S50A, Tine Brajnik Tine Brajnik, S50A, the man who made it all happen together with his team of the Slovenian Contest Club !
WRTC Olympics WRTC is considered the Olympics for Ham Radio
WRTC Team Belgium Here is team Belgium, Peter Casier ON6TT and Mark Demeuleneere ON4WW
Leon S59L This is our host Leon, S59L, who did everything possible to accomodate team Belgium - thanks Leon !
(beginning 2002, I was with Robert S53R in Kabul Afghanistan, when Tine S50A called Robert by phone with the very sad news that Leon had passed away - bon voyage Leon, I often think of you ! Courage to his lovely wife and daughter)
Team Belgium radioplaying Team Belgium in action, using the special S539D call sign
WRTC2000 Winners A hearty congrats to the winners ! l-r : RA3AUU/RV1AW - K1TO/N5TJ - K1AR/K1DG
SSB Trophy winners Here are the winners of the phone/ssb trophy, ON4WW and ON6TT
ON6TT and ON4WW Have they deserved a cold one !
ON4WW-ON4UN-ON6TT Team Belgium with their contest Elmer, John Devoldere ON4UN. Thanks John !
ON4WW-S50A-ON4UN-ON6TT ON4WW, S50A, ON4UN, ON6TT - what a great moment !

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