A52A : Bhutan2000 Expedition

In May 2000 an international group of 15 ham radio operators executed the first ever mega-DXpedition to the Land of the Thunderdragon, Bhutan.

Some 82,000 radio contacts were made with Radio Amateurs all over the world.

We were lucky to be amongst some of the 5,000 tourists that are yearly allowed to visit this gorgeous Himalayan country.

You can find a complete and detailed account of our expedition on the A52A Website

To get hold of our professionally edited, one hour video, visit James Brooks' 9V1YC Website

Click on the photographs to see the full size pictures.

W0GJ and N0MJ W0GJ, Glenn Johnson and son Mark, N0MJ. The Johnsons organized this expedition - kudos !
Bhutan A52A Team The Bhutan2000-A52A team in national Bhutanese dress
Pinewood Hotel This is the Pinewood Hotel in Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan, from where A52A took place
Thimpu panoramic view Richard Gere lodged here as well, enjoying the view over the Thimpu valley
Pinewood owners This family owns the Pinewood. They went out of their way to accomodate us, awesome !
Dzongh A Dzongh overlooking the valley, kind of a fortres
Dzongh Another Dzongh
house in river valley Like the view ? It's a gorgeous country !
Prayer Flags All over the mountains and valleys one can see prayer flags
Prayer Flags Prayers are written on them and spread by the wind
Dzongh in valley Another Dzongh in a valley
ON4WW and K5VT That's me enjoying the delight of civilized morsecode communication, and Vince K5VT keeping an eye on me from time to time
ON4WW coffee break Having a coffee break, wearing my ''GO", the national dress for men
Thimpu junction Thimpu must be the last capital in the world where traffic lights are non-existing

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